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About Toolsscore

We all want to make a good impression by keeping our surroundings well organized and all prepped up. Regular chores like fixing a leaking pipe, painting walls, or hanging picture frames, etc are part of that process. Some people hire professionals, some hire tools, and the smartest ones buy tools to do their own job and save money. 

Toolsscore is your one-stop solution when it comes to knowing details about a specific tool. What is it, how to use it, how to maintain it, how to buy, and most importantly, which one is right for your budget-everything is discussed on this site. So that next time whatever project you are doing, you can accomplish it in the shortest time with minimal mistakes. 

About Me-the Founder

I am John Dylan, the CEO of toolsscore. I never planned to become a mechanic in my childhood. But I always helped my single mom with mending and fixing hardware around the home. So,  when I dropped out of college and joined a local construction firm as a handyman, my childhood experience came in handy. 

As I mastered my skills, they later trained me and let me work in the plumbing and the electric section as well. So you see, I have a lot of practical experience in dealing with tools of all categories. 

All the tools we, the professionals use regularly are also used at home, by the tenants or homeowners. But only a few have proper knowledge about how to use it or how to pick a good tool. That is the reason I sharted my journey with toolsscore; so that general non-professional people can get some ideas about their tools before heading the stores and get some expert advice before using those. 

What to Expect from Toolsscore?

You can expect to have brief knowledge about any tools. We cover tools that are affordable and commoners use regularly for their home improvement or crafting and so on. Besides, the tools that are over a thousand bucks and are used in the industries, by professionals are also included. 

Apart from knowing about the tools, you will know the best products in terms of performance and features, buying guides, fixing design flaws or defects, and so on. 

Are the Reviews Real? 

In toolscores, you will find product reviews as well. I can guarantee that my reviews are honest, research-based, focused on customer feedback but I can’t guarantee that you will have the same experience as mine with a particular product or tool. Because manufacturers keep upgrading their products. Besides, the performance of a product doesn’t only depend on its quality, there are other factors responsible. 

However, still, product review counts if you want to be prepared to buy and use a product on your own. You will know what to expect, what to do with a defective item, or how to fix minor problems. 


I try to be accountable for whatever I do. The same goes for this site. If you have a different experience with any tool or have any query about any issue then feel free to knock me. I try to reflect on the feedback I get from my audience.

If there are any tools or information that I didn’t cover in my blog, please contact me.

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