7 Best Carpenter Hatchets in 2020

carpenter hatchet

A carpenter’s hatchet, known as a half hatchet as well, is a very effective and useful tool in woodworking projects for chopping small amounts of wood or hammering in stakes and for felling trees cut and shaped large pieces of wood or splitting firewood. All roofers, farmers, log cabin builders, carpenters, and general contractors are likely to have a top carpenter …

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10 Best Woodsman Axes in 2020

best woodsman axe

Axes, especially woodsman axes important cutters, even if you follow the trends in modern times. Though log burners are more powerful than axes. They are also very efficient to keep heating a house even in the middle of winter. If we are not wrong, you need an axe to make yourself capable of regular cutting down logs to a usable …

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6 Best Forest Axe for 2020

best forest axe

Worried about constructing a big log house? Or, searching for something that will help out most in the forest camping or hiking? Well, forest axes are nowadays considered as one of the primary tools in these cases. Even not only in these cases, but suitable for heavier work also. For instance, logs splitting and big trees falling in the forest.  As …

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