Finding 10 Best Jigsaws for Woodworking in 2020

jigsaw for woodworking

 A standard jigsaw is a powerful and versatile tool to do all kinds of woodcutting work more accessible for you. We bring this little guide to help you buy the accurate jigsaw for your next woodwork.

An electric motor manufactures a jigsaw, and a reciprocating saw blade for detail cutting offers a more massive and faster curve or odd shape cut.

This versatile, portable and easy to use jigsaw tool is essential for those who need a smooth cut without shaking arms.

Before you buy one, we suggest following our reviews to compare the features of ten types of jigsaws to choose your desired one.

Overall Best
DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B),Yellow
Top Handle Jig Saw
SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)
TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED, Variable Speed, Carrying Case, 6 Blades, Adjustable Aluminum...
DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B),Yellow
Top Handle Jig Saw
SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)
TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED, Variable Speed, Carrying Case, 6 Blades, Adjustable Aluminum...
Star Rating
Prime Status
Overall Best
DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B),Yellow
DEWALT 20V Max Jig Saw, Tool Only (DCS331B),Yellow
Star Rating
Prime Status
Top Handle Jig Saw
Top Handle Jig Saw
Star Rating
Prime Status
SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
SKIL 4495-02 6.0 Amp Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
Star Rating
Prime Status
BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
BLACK+DECKER Jig Saw, Smart Select, 5.0-Amp (BDEJS600C)
Star Rating
Prime Status
PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)
PORTER-CABLE Orbital Jig Saw, 6.0-Amp (PCE345)
Star Rating
Prime Status
TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED, Variable Speed, Carrying Case, 6 Blades, Adjustable Aluminum...
TACKLIFE Advanced 6.7 Amp 3000 SPM Jigsaw with Laser & LED, Variable Speed, Carrying Case, 6 Blades, Adjustable Aluminum...
Star Rating
Prime Status

View our Top 10 Jigsaws for Woodworking Reviews, Below

1. Dewalt DCS331B 20V Max Woodworking Jigsaw

Dewalt DCS331B 20V Max Woodworking Jigsaw
  • Weight: 5.84 pounds;
  • Speed: 0-3000 stroke per minute;
  • Stroke length: 26mm;
  • Operate: Cordless 20v battery.

Dewalt DCS331B is a robust jigsaw with a powerful motor that is even more powerful than many corded versions of its class.

This cordless jigsaw makes the woodworking task much more comfortable by its 0-3000 SPM blade speed, and the 20v battery ensures uninterrupted cutting power. It has an LED light on the battery meter to indicate a low battery charge.

Four uniquely positioned orbital settings allow the user more curve cuts flexibility, and the changeable speed control helps cut fast or slow according to user preferences.

This jigsaw has a keyless metal shoe bevel with a variety of detents ranging from 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees. There is also an anti-slip comfort handle for users' comfortability. The keyless blade model also assures that you can change the blades easily.


  • All-metal lever-action keyless blade;
  • Four-position orbital action;
  • Adjustable dust blower;
  • An LED light on the battery meter;
  • Anti-slip comfort grip.


  • This jigsaw only uses T-shank blades;
  • This tool comes without battery and charger.

2. Makita 4329K Top Handle Woodworking Jig Saw

Makita 4329K Top Handle Woodworking Jig Saw
  • Weight: 4.18 pounds;
  • Speed varies: 500-3,100 SPM;
  • Stroke length: 11/16-inchs;
  • Motor capacity: 3.9 amp.

The Makita 4329K holds the second top in position because of its positive review from users. This variable-speed top-handle jigsaw mixes a powerful 3.9 amp motor with three orbital settings. With this setting a variety of straight cuts can be possible within a minute.

The saw motor is dynamically balanced for less tool vibration up to 40 percent and less sound than other jigsaws in the market.

A die-cast aluminum base adjusts right or left up to 45 degrees and positive stop at 90 degrees for reliable cutting completion. It has an 11/16-inch stroke length with a wood cutting capacity of 2-9/16 inches and a steel cutting capacity of 1/4 inches at 90 degrees angle. 

The rubberized grip and large trigger with lock-on button switch give more control and comfort to you. You can cut a variety of stuff with different speed settings from 500 to 3100 SPM.

To keep in mind about dust, this jigsaw has an excellent dust management system using a clear dust cover and vacuum. The counterweight balancing system reduces vibration to enhance the user experience.  


  • Lock-on button for extended operation;
  • Straight cut in a variety of materials;
  • Counterweight balancing system;
  • Three orbital settings; 
  • Rubberized grip;
  • Variable speed control.


  • Doesn't have any laser light option;
  • The dust blower is not adjustable.

3. Skil 4495-02 Corded Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw

Skil 4495-02 Corded Orbital Action Laser Jigsaw
  • Weight: 5 pounds;
  • Speed varies: upto 3,200 SPM;
  • Compatible blades: U-shank or T-shank;
  • Motor capacity: 6 amp;
  • Stroke Lenght: 0.75 Inch.

SKIL 4495-02 would not be perfect for heavy long day work, but the jigsaw would still be a reliable companion for woodworking in your workshop. It has a sturdy 6 amp motor that can go up to 3,200 strokes per minute (SPM). Even with such speeds, it allows its users to get more command on the tool. 

The jigsaw comes with a four-position orbital cut control and a variable speed trigger to help creative minds work. Also, the speed trigger lock system intended to keep the blade's velocity within the desired limits.

The laser guide apparently helps you achieve straighter cuts without the help of the old pencil or pen trick. The lesser vibrations of the machine lessen the noise at operating time to provide more accurate cuts and stable operation.

You can also set the machine's angles at the 45 and 22.5 degrees to achieve your desired bevel cuts. The jigsaw can also do this in reverse directions, which is even more impressive.


  • Low Vibration mode;
  • Powerful 6 Amp motor;
  • 4-speed orbital action system;
  • Included two blades with each brand new purchase;
  • Laser guide LED.


  • There is no dust blower;
  • It doesn't have any overheating protection system.

4. Black+Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw

Black+Decker BDEJS600C Smart Select Jig Saw
  • Weight: 4.6 pounds;
  • Speed varies: upto 3,000 SPM;
  • Compatible blades: U-shank or T-shank;
  • Motor capacity: 5 amp;
  • Stroke Lenght: 3/4 Inch.

If you need a smooth and versatile jigsaw for custom cuts, then Black+Decker BDEJS600C smart select jigsaw is easily the best jigsaw for the money with some fantastic features. 

It has a 5 amp variable speed motor that delivers up to 3000 SPM of cutting energy. The significant part about this jigsaw is that the curve control technology allows the user to adjust saw's orbit in 4 customized settings. The trigger-operated variable speed makes the jigsaw so much easier to control for woodworking.

The double-rotating flexible and adjustable shoe allows you to make 45-degree bevel cuts in both directions for stability. So that sturdy metal base keeps the saw firmly planted down into thick wood to avoid a sloppy cut.

 Another useful feature we want to mention is the blade release lever lifting down. Easy removable and changeable blades save a whole lot of time in the workshop. The new and improved front wire guard helps reduce the chances of bumping, but it is more useful for aiming your cuts. The built-in dust blower manages dirt at the working time.


  • Bevel shoe allows the angel to cut in both directions;
  • Keyless blade clamp for tool-free blade change;
  • Can cut a variety of materials;
  • Dust blower to clear path;
  • New and improved wire guard.


  • More costly than other models;
  • Can't lock the trigger at prolonged speeds.

5. Porter-Cable PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw for Woodworking

Porter-Cable PCE345 Orbital Jig Saw for Woodworking
  • Weight: 6 pounds;
  • Speed: up to 3200 SPM;
  • Stroke length: 13/16 inches;
  • Motor capacity: 6 AMP;
  • Operation: Corded.

If you are searching for a powerful, well-designed corded jigsaw than Porter Cable PCE345 can be purchased at an affordable price. This potent tool is one of the best options when facing difficulties in cutting thick wood.

This jigsaw is powered by a 6 amp motor capable of producing a no-load speed of up to 3,200 SPM. To get an optimal cutting result in a multiple speed setting with seven different positions, this jigsaw is a masterpiece.

It coupled with 4 orbital settings that allow you to cut any material.

This powerful jigsaw accommodates large over-moulded grips on the front and top handles and an easy lock-on button, which reduces user fatigue.

To speed up work, it has a tool-free blade changing system. Simply raise the old blade out and snap a new one to get back to work.


  • Very speedy up to 3,200 SPM;
  • Strong 6-amp motor;
  • 4 orbital setting adjustments;
  • Variable speed setting;
  • Affordable price range.


  • No dust port to manage dust;
  • The trigger isn't variable.

6. Tacklife PJS02A Advanced Jigsaw with Laser & LED

Tacklife PJS02A Advanced Jigsaw with Laser & LED
  • Weight: 7.73 pounds;
  • Speed varies: 800-3,000 SPM;
  • Stroke length: 7/8-inchs;
  • Motor capacity: 6.7 amp;
  • Cord length: 10 feet.

Another affordable jigsaw we want to mention is Tacklife PJS02A comes with some smart features including Laser & LED, pure copper motor and carrying case. Anyone can use it comfortably, especially professional users can take advantage of multiple functions.

The 6.7 amp pure copper motor can continuously rotate up to 3000 SPM, which offers a 6 variable speed control to make a quick, accurate adjustment for cutting various materials such as plastic, steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum or wood. But especially woodworking projects are suitable for it. 

The motor also produces less heat to ensure the longevity of the product. Again, the four-position orbital action allows you to cut different cutting needs. 

Additionally, the blade allows making bevel cuts in both directions up to 45 degrees angle. The front air outlet blows dust to prevent chip splatter and makes cutting safer, and the rear air outlet adsorbs debris to enhance cutting performance.


  • Make straight cuts with rip fence metal guide;
  • Laser & LED light switch in 4 modes;
  • A long 10 feet cord gives freedom to move;
  • Bevel angle adjustment;
  • Come with 6 blades;
  • Anti-skip ergonomic handle.


  • The jigsaw case is too small;
  • The base plate is quite rough.

7. Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Cordless Woodworking Jig Saw

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 Cordless Woodworking Jig Saw
  • Weight: 4.54 pounds;
  • Speed: 0-2400 SPM;
  • Blade:  "T" and "U" shape blades;
  • Operation: Cordless 18v battery.

Hitachi CJ18DGLP4 wireless jigsaw is known for its smart and efficient performance for cutting hardwood and plywood and its soft and ergonomic handle grip. You can work longer without any fatigue and getting tired of this lightweight jigsaw.

Another great facility is its battery is compatible with all Hitachi 18V Lithium-Ion batteries, so finding the power you need is easy enough. 

Less weight and 3x the total battery life of traditional NiCd batteries enhances saws longevity.

A tool-free blade changing system allows for quick replacements and soft-grip handle for improved comfort and less fatigue. To facilitate user visibility, it has an LED light, and three modes of orbital action allow the cutting of different materials.


  • 45 Degree cutting angle;
  • Built-in LED light;
  • Tool-less blade changing system;
  • Soft grip handle;
  • Compatible with other batteries.


  • The battery is not included with the buying;
  • The vast design creates a storage problem.

8. Bosch JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E Corded Top-Handle Jigsaw
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs;
  • Speed varies: 500-3,100 SPM;
  • Motor capacity: 7 amp;
  • Cutting capability: 5-7/8 inches;
  • Bevel cuts at 45-degrees.

Bosch JS470E is the best jigsaw built by Bosch for people who appreciate high quality and maximum professionalism in woodwork. Most professionals and DIY contractors want this tool for its industrial style within a budget price.

The powerful 7.0 AMP motor delivers no-load SMP ranges from 500 to 3100 and has up to 60 hertz for a precise cutting result. It can cut different materials in various depths like in wood it cut up to 7/8-inches, on aluminium max 7/8-inch, and in mild steel 3/8-inch. The highest bevel cut angle is 45 degrees. 

Besides, you can adjust between four different orbital-action settings to find the right blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts. A tool-less blade changing system saves lots of time, and the ambidextrous lock-on button with a sturdy die-cast foot avoids accidents.


  • Easy to replace the t-shank blades;
  • Suitable for professional use;
  • A powerful 7 Amp motor;
  • Excellent quality and low vibration;
  • Variable speed depending on the amount of trigger pressure.


  • It doesn't fit with U-shank blades;
  • It does not come with LED Lights.

9. Milwaukee 6268-21 Top-Handle Jig Saw

Milwaukee 6268-21 Top-Handle Jig Saw
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs;
  • Speed: 0 to 3000 SPM;
  • Stroke length: 1 inch;
  • Motor capacity: 6.5 amp;
  • Blade: T-shank.

This Milwaukee 6268-21 Jigsaw opens up with a wide range of applications. It is powered by 6.5 amp motor, 1-inch stroke with 3000 SPM, four-position orbital cutting action and tachometer feedback gets the job done fast even in the hardest materials. 

The saw has an LED light to improve sightlines' visibility and an accuracy roller blade guide that produces the most accurate cuts of any shape. A cushion grip handle and balanced counter mechanism for low vibration provide optimal user comfort.

The Quik-lok™ blade clamp, keyless shoe adjustment of up to 45° in both directions, and extra-long 12 ft cord provide ultimate freedom.


  • LED light for improved sightline;
  • Orbital action with 4 adjustment levels;
  • Quik-lok™ blade change system;
  • Keyless shoe adjustment - 45°;
  • Cushion grip for superior gripping and control.


  • It doesn't have tight locking mitre;
  • Sometimes shoe slips at 15-30 degrees.

10. Ryobi ZRJS481LG Variable-Speed Jigsaw

Ryobi ZRJS481LG Variable-Speed Jigsaw
  • Weight: 5.59 pounds;
  • Bevel adjustment: 45 degrees left and right;
  • Motor capacity: 4.8 amp;
  • 4 position speed.

Ryobi ZRJS481LG has a potent 4.8 amp motor with excellent cutting ability, which delivers a straight and curved line within a minute. Comfortable grip and perfect positioning of the trigger makes it popular among users.

Also, a high-intensity LED light on every work surface, and a powerful built-in dust blower gives maximum accuracy. Variable speed dial and four-position orbital action further sharpen its accurate cutting capabilities.

We think this jigsaw is best for woodworkers and craftsmen, but poorly suited to heavy-duty construction jobs.


  • Super bright LED light;
  • Extra powerful dust blower;
  • Variable speed and orbital settings;
  • Tool-free blade clamp for fast changes;
  • Comfortable grip design.


  • It doesn't come with a tube for dust collection;
  • Not suitable for hard materials.

How to Choose A Perfect Jigsaw: (Buyer's Guide)

Whether you are a pro or new user of a jigsaw, you always need to consider your budget, woodworking skills and the task at hand before buying a new one.

Let's look over the list of features that actually matter when purchasing a jigsaw:

Power Delivery:

The most significant thing is the motor power of the jigsaw. The more the power, the more considerable cut you will get. It usually runs between 350 to 850 Watts.

For usual projects, 350w is low yield, but cutting depth of 100mm in wood or 10mm in steel requires 850w for comfortable usage.

Variable Cutting Speed:

The cutting speed depends on different motor capacity and control type. Sometimes the unit itself controls the pace, and other times it is controlled by the user. Variable trigger speed will allow you to change the speed with the trigger. So check the trigger features too at the time of purchasing.

Sharp Blade:

A jigsaw blade varies depending on the material and the type of cut need. Different kinds of modules are the wood blade, the metal blade, the inverted tooting wood blade, and the coping blade.

Another component related to a blade is a 'blade guide bearing.' This keeps the edge aligned and keeps your cuts from wandering. This is a must-have feature you should look for.


Obviously, weight is a vital feature to consider most because a heavy saw will leave you fatigued if you are working with it too long. Weight depends on manoeuvrability and the type of jigsaw.

Dust Blower:

Another must-have feature is a dust blower designed to keep your line clean and your visibility high. The top power models usually have better success with the dust blowers than other small, less powerful models.

Built-in LED Light:

The LED headlight option will light the path as you cut and keep your line highly visible at working time. This is a helpful feature, especially if your work area is not very bright. But if the dust blower is not correctly clear the line, it won't help with the LED light.


From the above discussion now, you can understand which jigsaw will be best suited for woodworking. Before choosing a model, consider the frequency of use and the materials to be cut.

We think of these reviews not only as a set of particular recommendations but also as a guide to making better-informed decisions.

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