How Do You Know When Sanding Is Done

how do you know when sanding is done

Maybe sanding is the most crucial, time-consuming but neglected part of a woodworking project. As the process is lengthy, it makes the woodworker restless to finish off the sanding process and straight go to staining.  But it is hard to tell if the sanding is done perfectly on the dry wood. As wood looks smooth while sanded, but it can still …

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How to Determine Miter Cut Angles

how to determine miter cut angles

Do you worry about how to determine miter cut angles? It is pretty tough to measure the angles. But, there is some process to solve the problem as well. The most popular and easy method is to use a modern or digital protector for determining the angles. Unlike, you can apply sine, cosine, and tangent formulas that are three major roles in …

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How Do You Clean Sticky Tools

how do you clean sticky tools

Who wants to work with dirty and sticky tools? No one. There is a direct relationship between your efficiency of using tools and the tools that are taken care of. If the tool is dirty, you will less likely have negligence to hold it properly or work with it long without hesitation.  Trust me, it takes seconds to clean a tool …

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