How to Fix Touch Up Paint Mistakes on Walls

Touch up paint is a very common problem that we face when painting a wall. Sometimes somehow wall paint damage with touch up. Lots of time I face this issue, really it’s an irritating problem. Or if you are doing paint wall for the first time then it will be a worse situation.  

I did my first wall paint in 2016, that time I face touch up paint mistake on walls. Then time flies after 4 years now I can fix it. Or now I am going to tell you about how to fix touchup paint mistakes on the wall easily.  

how to fix touch up paint mistakes on walls

Ways to Fix Touch Up Paint Mistakes on Walls

How much time did you try to paint the wall? I am sure you also face problems to fix touch paint mistakes. Do know how to fix it well? 

Clean the Area

When you face touch up paint issues your first step is cleaning. Yes, before you make fixes, clean the zone with a wipe, mellow cleanser and water. Soil, grime and residue can develop on the divider's surface, which can influence paint bond when you start cleaning it up. Do not apply paint if the are is wet. 

Daintily wipe the work zone with the foamy wipe and afterward dry it with a perfect towel prior to continuing. 

Start Repair Wall

It is the second step of fixing touch up paint. In this state notice the condition of the wall. Notice if wall content or small holes have been created then filled that area with the sparkling component. Smooth the areas using sandpaper.

Now open a holder of the premixed spackling compound and gather up a modest quantity of it with the edge of a clay blade. Utilize barely enough to fill in the opening or break.

Put the compound-covered edge of the clay blade at a 45-degree point to the divider and spread the compound over the opening or break in a smooth, feathering movement. Do this until the opening is totally filled in.

Excess compounds on the wall must be scribe away with a putty edge or knife. At this time run the knife at a 90-degree angle. After setting the patch if you see that it is a little high, but lightly rub it with sandpaper. 

Prime Time

It is my most favorite part, I like to work with prime. Now it is time to prime the repairing zone for ideal paint attachment and shading mixing. Without this the finished up spot will stand apart from the remainder of the painted zone.

To applying primer use a suitable brush its depend on the size of the repairing area. Once the primer is given, give it time to dry.

Apply the Paint

apply the paint

It is the last and difficult step of fix up touch-up mistakes on the wall. Because on this step you have to apply the same paint on the wall. When fixing wall problems you need to use the same paint that is really hard to find.

That's why when you paint the whole wall, store the remaining paints so you can use them to fix touch up problems on walls. Use the current paints of the wall to fix the touchup problem or mistake. 

Use the same applicator that you used when painting the whole world last time. If you use a roller for the last time, use the same roller, and if you paint using a brush, use the similar one. This is because if you do not use the same applicator, the colors will never match again. With a small amount of color, slowly fix the mistake on the wall.

Wait for the paint to dry when you finish painting. Hopefully, your touch up a mistake on the wall is fixed now.


Here are some tips that will help you a lot when you working. Try to follow them properly. Let’s check the bellow about the tips section. 


If there is any problem after painting the walls, repair the damaged parts as soon as possible. The main reason for this is that if you take too long to repair, the new part will never match the previous part.

This is because over time the colors will continue to be lighter. And then if you fix the damaged parts, then those parts will be more noticeable. 


Do not touch the fixed paint parts until it is fully dry. This is because touching the wet parts will leave marks on the wall. It create again touch up paint mistake on the wall. So be careful about this matter.


Once painted done, arrange for light and air to allow them to dry. This will make it very easy to dry and will not create moisture. If the walls are closed after painting, the chances of damage increase.

In this way, the color is not durable for a long time and is lost after a few days


I hope now you have a clear idea about how to fix touch up paint mistakes on the wall. Remind these steps while you fixing the paint mistakes. It will help you a lot. In this way, I learned the job by following this step-by-step.

Sometimes something goes wrong when it comes to coloring or painting on the wall. Don't worry about this. Because all problems have solutions. We just need to learn how to fix it. 

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by John Dylan

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