Circular Saw vs Skill Saw: What’s the Difference

circular saw vs skill saw

Professional carpenters and DIYers use the term circular saw or skill saw in same meaning. These two names are interchangeably referred to mean same woodworking tool by them.   Circular saw, a hand-held power tool designed with round shape blade combined with sharp teeth comes with versatile cutting features including rip-cut and cross-cut. Combination blade of circular saw offers both rip cut …

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Corded VS Cordless Jigsaw

corded vs cordless jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the versatile power tools designed with reciprocating blade that’s used to produce various shapes of custom curve cut and beveling cut. Jigsaw first came into existence during mid-20th century primarily designed for intricate cutting of wood.  In today’s world, jigsaws got emerged with more advanced version. This tool is truly recognized by the professionals for its …

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How to Change Bench Grinder Wheels

how to change bench grinder wheel

A bench grinder is a power-actuated tool consisted of wheel used to grind various metal and wooden materials. Wheel is the most important component of the bench grinder. It’s one of the smart power tools that perform multiple functions, including polishing, shaping, sharpening, buffing, cleaning, etc.   However, every tool needs routine maintenance periodically, as recommended by the manufacturer. Repairing or …

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